Build a Gang Sheet

Build a Gang Sheet

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Save money by ordering gang sheets using our gang sheet builder! Simply choose your size and start building!

How to use Gang Sheet Builder:

  1. Click on size you want then click build
  2. Choose option from welcome pop up
  3. In upper right-corner, log in or create an account. You must sign in/create an account in order to submit gang sheet!
  4. Build your gang sheet
  5. Hit save and add to cart at the top of your screen.

Please ensure that your images are at minimum 300dpi before uploading them to our gang sheet builder. This will ensure that your prints come out crisp and clean! 

Upload requirements:

PNG/JPG/JPEG formats

No less than 300dpi

Images cannot exceed 12.5 inches

We will not edit or alter your images in any way so please be sure they are uploaded correctly. Transfers will be printed exactly as sent- if it has a background a background will be printed; if your design is blurry on the screen it will be blurry when printed. We are not responsible for prints made from improperly formatted art work. 

Please note: Colors you see on your screen may not exactly match colors of prints. We do NOT guarantee color matching. This is because most designs are created in RGB and printers print in CMYK color mode.

Printing Instructions:

DTF PRINTS: We recommend pressing your design at 315* for 15 seconds. Please note this is just a recommendation. If your press runs hot, please lower your temperature by 5 degrees. Use a piece of parchment paper over your design and press with medium to heavy pressure. Allow design to cool for a few seconds and peel. If design doesn't easily peel off, press again for a few seconds. After peeling of the transfer film, you may press design again with butcher paper over design for a few seconds to remove any unwanted transfer powder. If you are doing a back and front please put something between your shirts to protect the other print.

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